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Drift HD Ghost POV Camera
HD Ghost POV Camera

Going head-to-head with competitors in the booming POV action camera market, Drift Innovation, the award-winning action sports technology company based out of London, UK, has launched their most feature-rich and intuitive action camera yet – the Drift HD Ghost.

The third installment of Drift's HD cameras separates itself from other point of view cameras on the market by providing features no other camera can. At a time when helmet cameras seems to be strapped to every other skier and rider's helmet, point of view filming is a skill people of all ages and ability are trying to master.

The Drift HD Ghost allows adventures to not only capture incredible HD footage but do so in an interactive and easy to understand manner. With no additional accessories or peripherals required, only one purchase needs to be made in order to have all the tools necessary. The accessible interface allows users to navigate and set up the camera so quickly it is as if Drift Innovation has formatted the camera in an instinctual manner. A great tool for both beginners and experienced filmmakers, the Drift HD Ghost has turned the corner in the world of portable action cameras.

Functionality Brought to the Wrist

One of the Drift HD Ghost's greatest features can be considered the wearable on/off remote control wrist strap. Complete with LED's, the wrist strap allows the user to instantly recognize which mode is in use, displaying a color-coded system indicating Video, Photo, Timelapse or Photoburst. The remote also streamlines functionality by allowing users to take photos, change function modes from up to 30 feet away, as well as the ability to start and stop recording.

Gorilla Status

The screen, featured on the side of the camera and covered by Gorilla Glass, allows quick, real-time viewing of camera angles before the record button is even pressed, and when taken into the thick can handle a beating.

Compared to other cameras on the market, this is where Drift Innovations has been able to separate themselves from the competition: keeping the camera to a small size and allowing the filmer to set-up shots with the knowledge of the outcome. Additionally, the Drift HD Ghost has the longest standard battery life on the market, providing three hours of recording time per charge, leaving little concern for those who previously found issues with battery power.

Sights and Sounds

The lens, with a design consisting of seven different elements, ensures optically pure performance whether filming in the deserts of the American West or atop a stormy mountain peak. Such technology guarantees high video clarity, vibrant color and impressive HD video. The fish-eye future lens captures the surrounding scene, and the ability to zoom in and out of a shot is something no other point of view camera is capable of doing.

The zoom feature can be controlled on the side monitor and viewed before and after filming. The microphone features digital and mechanical dynamic-modulation technology that provides the latest innovations in wind-noise reduction to provide crystal clear audio to go along with the sharp HD images that are captured throughout the experience.

The Drift HD Ghost can be found at most retailers for $399.

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