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Touring On the 2011 Yamaha Venture

Yamaha Venture for 2011The new 2011 Yamaha VentureIf you plan on touring on a snowmobile this winter, you need a reliable machine. And there probably isn’t a more reliable snowmobile than a Yamaha. Specifically the Yamaha RS Venture.

If you’re looking for speed, comfort, or amenities, you might want to look at a Ski-Doo or an Arctic Cat, but if you want a sled that you know will go for hundreds of miles a day without a problem, the Venture is your best bet.


The Venture has built a loyal following of fans. From rental companies because they know they won’t have to replace them often, to grandparents who want to give their grand kids a friendly spin around a frozen lake, to tourers who want reliability and low maintenance. The Venture is a start and go machine, and it gets a few nice extras in 2011.

2011 Venture

Of course those extras come at a price, and may not be worth the upgrade. But if you’ve got the green, the new 2011 Venture GT will give you things like electric fuel injection, which makes the bike even more reliable on cold mornings. Add in the next generation of front and rear suspension with higher grade shocks and a larger motor, and you’ve got a reliable bike with the capability of hitting rougher trails.

So will it be the RS or the GT? The RS has gathered loyal fans for good reason. It is an absolute beat that will take anything you throw at it. It will run for years, and will never leave you stranded on the trail. But if you need a little extra, you can’t go wrong with the GT.

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