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The 2011 Snowmobile of the Year? The Yamaha Apex

2011_yamaha_apexThe All New 2011 Yamaha ApexYamaha makes a good snowmobile. There aren’t many people that would argue against that point. But Yamaha’s Apex is impressive even by Yamaha standards. The 2011 Apex has been getting rave reviews ever since it hit the snowy trails, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The 2011 Apex has advanced power steering, which makes navigating trails a much easier and enjoyable task. The power steering also makes slow speed maneuvering, like moving around a parking lot or a gas station, a breeze. Yamaha’s Apex is probably the easiest snowmobile to steer on the market, but it also has an extra boost of power.


The 4-stroke engine puts out 160 HP, and with the specially modified exhaust system, the Apex has great response at the mid-range level. The Apex is a smooth running sled at any speed.


Balance, power, speed, maneuverability, the Apex is a well-designed bike and deserves the critical praise that it has received.

The Apex also received a full makeover for Yamaha this year. With a new seat contour, redesigned rear exhaust outlets, a new hood and new skis, the Apex is a good looking machine that will tear up the trails. Available in three different packages, the Apex can accommodate just about any style of riding.

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0 #1 Tiffany 2011-01-28 02:29
This photo on top of the snowshoe article is a photo of the Village at Winter Park. Wrong intrawest resort!

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