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Canon Power Shot D10 Digital Camera is Great for Winter Sports

Canon_PowerShot_D10The Canon Power Shot D10 can withstand freezing temperaturesFinding the perfect camera is already expensive, time consuming, and quite frankly, intimidating. It gets even more difficult when you want to take a few shots out on the slopes and all you’re worried about is dropping it into the snow. The good news, though, is your search is going to get a lot easier with the all-new and blue, Canon Power Shot D10.

canon_D10_splashCanon's technology keeps your camera waterproofReasonably priced at just under $300, the D10 is affordable without compromising Canon’s reputable high performance quality. The Power Shot D10 still boasts Canon’s standard ease of use, autofocus, impeccable picture quality, and convenient digital zoom, making colors more brilliant and images more detailed. The camera is also compact, weighing just under 7 ounces, which makes sliding it into your ski jacket simple.

There’s no need to stress over the Power Shot D10 getting wet—this 12.7 megapixel camera with its scratchproof, 2.5 inch, extra bright screen is designed for any type of rugged outdoor use. It’s waterproof up to 33 feet, withstands temperature

Life takes you everywhere—why not have a camera that can go with you to be as bold as you are?

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