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Why Schlep your Equipment? Valet Service Brings Equipment Straight to Skiers

Have your equipment brought to you with Ski Butlers A ski vacation can be fun and memorable, but it can also be an organizational headache. Everyone looks forward to the freedom that comes with carving the side of a mountain, but sometimes the logistics it takes to get there outweighs the fun. Bringing your own gear to the hill can be both expensive and a hassle, so many casual skiers rent skis for their vacations. But renting becomes a drag when you arrive to the mountain, only to find yourself in an hour-long line at the stuffy rental house.

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Canon Power Shot D10 Digital Camera is Great for Winter Sports

The Canon Power Shot D10 can withstand freezing temperaturesFinding the perfect camera is already expensive, time consuming, and quite frankly, intimidating. It gets even more difficult when you want to take a few shots out on the slopes and all you’re worried about is dropping it into the snow. The good news, though, is your search is going to get a lot easier with the all-new and blue, Canon Power Shot D10.

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The 2011 Snowmobile of the Year? The Yamaha Apex

The All New 2011 Yamaha ApexYamaha makes a good snowmobile. There aren’t many people that would argue against that point. But Yamaha’s Apex is impressive even by Yamaha standards. The 2011 Apex has been getting rave reviews ever since it hit the snowy trails, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The 2011 Apex has advanced power steering, which makes navigating trails a much easier and enjoyable task. The power steering also makes slow speed maneuvering, like moving around a parking lot or a gas station, a breeze. Yamaha’s Apex is probably the easiest snowmobile to steer on the market, but it also has an extra boost of power.

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Touring On the 2011 Yamaha Venture

The new 2011 Yamaha VentureIf you plan on touring on a snowmobile this winter, you need a reliable machine. And there probably isn’t a more reliable snowmobile than a Yamaha. Specifically the Yamaha RS Venture.

If you’re looking for speed, comfort, or amenities, you might want to look at a Ski-Doo or an Arctic Cat, but if you want a sled that you know will go for hundreds of miles a day without a problem, the Venture is your best bet.


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Lamar Tempest Women's Snowboard


Freestyle Performance

  • Twin Shape
  • Sidewall Construction
  • Tri Axial Stitched Fiberglass
  • Maple Reinforced Poplar Core
  • 12 Pack Shotgun SS Inserts
  • Full Wrap Rockwell 48 Edges
  • Laser Guided Knife Cut Sintered Base
  • 1V Carbon Layup
  • UV Protective Gloss Coating


Also Available in Reverse Camber

  • Traditional Camber Sizes: 140 / 144 / 148 / 152 / 155
  • Reverse Camber Sizes: 148


  • Traditional Camber MSRP: $379.00
  • Reverse Camber MSRP: $399.00

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