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SnowYogaBikram, or hot yoga has become quite a popular way to exercise, but what about snow yoga? Most popular yoga practice takes place in a classroom, gym or outside on a beach or somewhere warm. Yoga doesn't have to be done in warm temperatures though. The crisp, cold air during or after a light snow storm can be quite refreshing for the body. Deep breathing in snowy conditions will certainly open up the lungs and clear the mind.

There are several yoga poses that can be done in snow. Tree pose, mountain pose, and chair pose don't require a lot of movement. A variety of standing poses incorporating snow tools can be relaxing while useful. The dancer pose works well with a snow shovel. Warrior II and III poses can be added into cleaning snow off your car with your snow brush.

Breath is an important factor while practicing yoga. In cold weather, concentrating on your breath can be a challenge. If you layer properly, you can keep your internal temperature warm enough to focus moreso on your breathing. Thermal underwear with thin layers of warm material will make movement easier.

The proper environment is always a consideration while exercising. Yoga requires a clean, quiet surrounding. During light snow flurries and even into a bit heavier shower, everything becomes silent and pristine. Choose an area with few people and no traffic. Any open outdoor space with minimal distractions will allow you to feel at SnowYogaGroupone with nature. If you live near a hiking trail, head there.

Be aware of your atmosphere. Center your attention on your pose and breath. Appreciate the beauty around you. Meditate on the outdoors - no matter what the temperature may be.

Other standing poses and factors:

  • Upward salute
  • Warrior I pose
  • Wide-legged forward bend
  • Eagle pose
  • Big toe pose
  • Garland pose
  • All poses may be altered depending on bulk of clothing and ease of movement
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