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2018 Winter Olympics

olympic_ringThe 2018 Winter Olympics seem a world away, but bidding for the host country is already well underway. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently confirmed South Korea’s Pyeongchang, Germany’s Munich, and France’s Annecy as the main bidders.

After a first review, Munich and Pyeongchang appeared to be at the same level as far as sport sites. Gilbert Felli, IOC’s Olympic Games executive director said, “The expert group decided that the cities of Munich and Pyeongchang should be retained without reservation.” As for Annecy, the IOC still needs to review the concept of their sports sites after certain challenges emerged.

Final bids detailing each candidate’s projects will be submitted by January 11, 2011. Commissioners will then participate in an on-site visit and full evaluation of each project. A month after the IOC commission reports back on June 6, the host for the games will finally be chosen.

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