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NONSTOP Snowboarding Offers Unlimited Opportunity Hot

NONSTOPOut in Western Canada, the folks at NONSTOP offer up a very simple invitation – no matter your age or place in life, nor your experience level, it is always a great time to hone your snowboarding skill.

NONSTOP operates snowboard sabbaticals of varying length, from one week to 11, for riders of different shapes and sizes, at top resorts in Europe, New Zealand, but focus is mainly paid to the stellar mountains on Canada’s Westside.

Areas like Banff, Whister, Red Mountain and Fernie offer the perfect mix of powdery snow, virgin slopes, challenging terrain and adventure that are necessary for a spectacular snowboarding escape.

While at NONSTOP, riders receive specialized attention from world-class instructors emphasizing in backcountry navigation, generalized boarding technique and freestyle tricks – all aimed at developing and encouraging an individual’s boarding style and overall confidence.

According to the organization’s website, NONSTOP states, “Our snowboard camps can take your riding to the next level. If you want to ride powder more fluidly, spin 360's in style or charge black runs with confidence then these snowboard camps are for you. We provide a fun and sociable environment to significantly develop your snowboarding in Canada's most famous powder destinations.

The company is also in the business of arranging snowboarding holidays without an overabundance of instruction for those looking to get away a bit and enjoy a bit of riding and beautiful scenery. Instructional holidays can be taken for basic and freestyle snowboarding in Western Canada, while a Snow Safari allows a person the chance to visit four different mountains in 12 days with expert coaches and guides. For the more indulgent, ski chalets in Mottaret, France, offer the perfect ski vacation.

NONSTOP also feature instructional camps for aspiring instructors and established coaches alike. With 5- 6- 9- and 11-week course, NONSTOP significantly improves riding ability while helping individuals earn first rate qualifications to then move ahead and train others.

NONSTOP truly offers the most exhaustive amount of snowboarding instruction everywhere and to learn more, visit its website at

-Ryan O'Leary

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