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Team Europe Wins Swatch Skiers Cup Hot

Swatch-Skiers-Cup-Kaj-and-AbmaTeam Europe won the inaugural Swatch Skiers Cup Saturday in Valle Nevado, Chile, with a final score of 14 – 10, toppling the heavily favored Team Americas.  The victory saw the Europeans take home both the Cup, as well as $20,000.

Team Europe held a commanding 6 - 2 lead after the first day of competition, dominating the Big Mountain segment. "With the snow cover and the rocks, it was a hard day to take big risks," said Team America’s Oakley White-Allen. "Both days were a challenge for everybody, but it was still really fun."

Then going into Team America's strongest segment, the Backcountry Slopestyle, Team Europe managed to keep the Americans at bay for each of the two rounds with an 8 - 8 draw, to secure the overall title.

Both organizers and athletes from the two teams were pleased with the way the competition played out. Team America captain, Mark Abma said, “I think this has been a success just because of its team feel, and the camaraderie that comes from it. We have so many contests these days that are individually focused, that to create a team focus is really a funky twist.”

"It's overwhelming to see this finally happen. Sverre (Lillequist)and I have been planning this for six years and here we are with 16 of some of the best skiers in the world. We want this to be the event that everyone is talking about and trying to get on the team for all winter," said Kaj Zackrisson, Team Europe captain.

Team Europe skiers: Kaj Zackrisson, Henrik Windstedt, Seb Michaud, Richard Permin, Markus Eder, Sverre Liliquist, Nicolas Vuignier and Aussie Chris Booth.

Team America skiers: Mark Abma, Dana Flahr, James Heim, Rory Bushfield, Matt Margetts, Dylan Hood, Oakley White-Allen, Chopo Diaz and Josh Bibby.

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