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Studies Reveal Physical Benefits of Snowmobiling Hot

Good for your HealthStudies Reveal that Snowmobiling is good for your healthAs if you needed another excuse to get out and ride, York University in Toronto Canada released a study highlighting the physical and physiological benefits of riding a snowmobile or other Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV).

The study titled, “The Fitness and Health Benefits of Recreational Off-Road Vehicle Riding,” concluded in late 2010 that under typical conditions for recreational riders, between 14-38 percent of an OHV ride reaches the intensity required for achieving aerobic fitness in addition to a multitude of other benefits.

OHV riding “conforms to the recommended physical activity guidelines and can be effective for achieving beneficial changes in health and fitness,” the study concludes.

To current riders, it is no secret that snowmobiling has the potential to be an active and energetic sport, but the benefits don’t stop there. Of the 128 riders who participated in the study, their heart rate, oxygen consumption, muscular involvement, and rate of exertion were observed and recorded. Conclusions from these physical demands found that OHV riding falls into the moderate intensity activity level, enhancing muscular endurance, strengthening oxygen consumption, and stimulates aerobic fitness.

In addition to the physical development benefits, York University’s findings also determined positive social effects of riding. OHV riding may reduce stress and enhance a rider’s quality of life.

How great to know that snowmobiling is not just for fun anymore! While other individuals are hibernating and staying away from the cold weather, strap on your snow goggles, rev up that engine, and smile through your helmet knowing that you won’t be putting on those winter pounds.

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