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Hockey Enthusiasts: World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck Hot

Largest Hockey StickThe World's Largest Hockey Puck weighs over 61,000 pounds

Housed in Cowichan Community Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the colossal 205-foot hockey stick and puck, boasting to be the world’s largest pair. Built in 1985 by sections of steel-reinforced Douglas Fir beams and erected in Penticton, BC, the stick weighs a whopping 61, 000 pounds, making it forty times larger than life size.

The stick and puck duo was originally commissioned by the Government of Canada as a part of the Expo ’86 World’s Fair Exposition in Vancouver. After some discrepancies, the Guinness Book of World Records finally deemed Vancouver’s monstrous replica the world’s largest hockey stick on July 14, 2008.

Vancouver’s gigantic hockey stick rivals with another hockey stick mounted in Eveleth, Minnesota. Its competition only weighs 10,000 pounds and is 115 feet smaller.

This wooden wonder raised over $150, 000 and donated goods from the public.

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