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Competitive Snowboarding Kicks off Down Under

While North America is in the throes of the dog days of August, snowboard competition will once again be heating up as top riders take part in the Burton New Zealand Open.

The event is scheduled for August 9-13 at the Cardrona Alpine Resort located between Wanaka and Queensland on New Zealand’s South Island. This will be the third consecutive year the resort plays host for the event and the ninth time overall the event is staged on the kiwi island.

Nothing Discrete About It: Headwear Company Welcomes Four New Athletes to their Roster

Discrete Headwear, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, sponsors over 20 snowboarding athletes. The men's and women's headwear company proudly released an announcement on Sunday their newest additions to the athlete roster--Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Matt Annetts, and Ralph Backstrom.

Discrete's founder, Julian Carr elaborates,

Six New Sports to Debut in Sochi, Women and Team Participation to Increase

On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the inclusion of six new sports on the docket at the 2014 Sochi Games, marking a shift by the federation to support new, non-traditional disciplines and increased participation for women.

Snow Yoga

Bikram, or hot yoga has become quite a popular way to exercise, but what about snow yoga? Most popular yoga practice takes place in a classroom, gym or outside on a beach or somewhere warm. Yoga doesn't have to be done in warm temperatures though. The crisp, cold air during or after a light snow storm can be quite refreshing for the body. Deep breathing in snowy conditions will certainly open up the lungs and clear the mind.

A 'Wok' on the Wild Side

Wok Racing is a relatively new winter sport in which athletes propel themselves at speeds up to 56 mph down treacherous bobsled tracks (a la luge), with a Chinese cooking wok serving as their sliding instrument. The only modification of the wok for Wok Racing is reinforcing the bottom with epoxy for more strength and less friction. The human proclivity for adrenaline and creating new methods of experiencing the rush knows no bounds.

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