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Ice Bowl: A Disc Golf Player's Dream

Frisbee Golf for the Ice BowlIt’s middle of January and we’re closing out a season full of bowls. The Super Bowl will be played next week following a late-December and early-January filled with every college bowl games. Despite all these football bowls, there is another event that is growing year after year: the Ice Bowl.

No, not the 1967 NFL Championship, but the annual winter disc golf fundraiser. Ice Bowl events take place in hundreds of cities across the world.

Taking it to the Streets

Urban Snowboarding are a growing trendUrban Snowboarding is trending.

After years of operating in relative obscurity, the X-Games put on Urban Snowboarding’s first-ever competitive event, literally bringing the street to the mountain and the sport to a national audience.

Female Participation in Snowboarding on the Rise

With influences like Bright, Dakides, and Teter, females are taking an interest in snowboardingWho says girls can’t play hard like boys do? Snowboarding is intense, raw, and certainly can be dangerous—a perfect sport for any adrenaline junkie. But in an aggressive winter sport majorly dominated by males, there has been a continuous uprising in eager and talented females to narrow the gender gap in snowboarding participation. Even a few notable female riders have excelled to incredible accomplishments, riding as good as, if not better than their male competition.

Hockey Enthusiasts: World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck
The World's Largest Hockey Puck weighs over 61,000 pounds

Housed in Cowichan Community Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the colossal 205-foot hockey stick and puck, boasting to be the world’s largest pair. Built in 1985 by sections of steel-reinforced Douglas Fir beams and erected in Penticton, BC, the stick weighs a whopping 61, 000 pounds, making it forty times larger than life size.

Studies Reveal Physical Benefits of Snowmobiling

Studies Reveal that Snowmobiling is good for your healthAs if you needed another excuse to get out and ride, York University in Toronto Canada released a study highlighting the physical and physiological benefits of riding a snowmobile or other Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV).

The study titled, “The Fitness and Health Benefits of Recreational Off-Road Vehicle Riding,” concluded in late 2010 that under typical conditions for recreational riders, between 14-38 percent of an OHV ride reaches the intensity required for achieving aerobic fitness in addition to a multitude of other benefits.

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